Are there requirements for tree protection and landscaping?
Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 912-472-5030 to discuss the details of your proposed tree or landscaping project.

The City of Tybee Island's tree regulations are within Article 7 of the Land Development Code. A permit is required prior to removing a tree. A permit is not required for planting trees, pruning trees, or for small landscaping projects. Installing or repairing a lawn sprinkler system requires a permit. A permit may be required prior to beginning a project that will affect the drainage of the property or disturb more than 100 square feet of dirt.

For all properties, the greenspace ordinance (Land Development Code Section 3-165) requires a minimum of 65% of the required setback area to remain in a vegetative state.

Native plants and conservation landscaping are encouraged. One source for information about native plants appropriate for your specific conditions is the University of Georgia's Marine Extension Service database.

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