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Posted on: September 6, 2019

Previously unprotected crossovers will remain covered for remaining season

After discussions between representatives of DNR and DPW, and in the interests of better protections should there be another hurricane during the season, the following changes will be made to the dune system until the end of November.

Gulick Street Crossing

Nothing will be done at this crossing.  There is a wooden crossover at Gulick Street and the public should be accessing the beach from that structure.

2nd Street, 3rd Street, and Center Crossings

A Mobi-mat will be placed over the jersey barrier that was installed at these locations. The public may have to traverse the landward side of  the dunes.  The Mobi-mat will be on the seaward side of the jersey barrier in an area were the jersey barrier is still covered with sand. This will keep the integrity of the man-made berms that were installed prior to the storm.

Tybrisa Street Crossing

This crossing will be temporary closed. The steel traffic barriers will be installed from the drop off area in the traffic circle on the north to approximately the first parking stall to the south. These barriers are intended to keep the general public off the dunes. A board will be placed across the Tybrisa crossing to keep the public off the walkway. Signs and arrows directing pedestrian traffic will be installed on the steel traffic barriers stating that ADA access to the beach will be available at the crossing in front of the Marine Science Center.  Another sign directing the public to the 17th Street crossing will also be installed. This closure is for the safety of the public due to the multiple sets of dunes that were placed to prevent potential flooding from Dorian.  

18th Street and 19th Street Crossings

The public may walk over these new man made dunes, and repairs will be made as needed. The drop-offs from the scour on the seaward side of these crossovers have been filled in..

We are going to monitor all the crossing early the week of September and once again meet with the DNR to decide if any changes need to be made from the above plan. Also as part of this plan, all snow fence that is presently in the water at high tide will be removed to avoid the possibility of it becoming storm debris.

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