Short Term Rentals

The Business of Short-Term Rentals (STRs) on Tybee Island


The City Council approved changes to its short-term rental ordinances on Oct. 13, 2022. While there are no areas where rentals are prohibited, no new short-term rentals will be allowed in residential zoning districts R-1, R-1-B and R-2. 

STR Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information on these new rules, please read the FAQ.

General Introduction and Requirements

The City of Tybee Island Defines a Short-Term Rental (STR) as an accommodation rented to a guest for less than 30 days.  The STR Ordinance can be found by clicking on the link below. To summarize, STR properties complete an application with the City, must have a tax certificate number (business license), and must comply with sign requirements contained within this code. Hotel tax and state sales tax must also be collected and paid on rental receipts. More information can be found by reviewing the Ordinance and in the information below.   

Review City Ordinances related to the Short-Term Rental Business

Applying for a Short-Term Rental unique location identification number 

STR property owners must complete an application prior to advertising or operating.  Applications must be made here
STR property owners will need to secure a business license unless the property is managed by a company with a Tybee Business License. 

Click here for Short-Term Rental and Hotel Motel Tax Reporting through January 2021

Click here for Short-Term Rental Application and Hotel Motel Tax Reporting

Short-term rentals are required to remit a 7% local hotel/motel tax to the City’s Revenue Department by the 20th day of the following month. Please follow the process outlined on the Hotel/Motel Tax Monthly Return to remit your payment. A report must be filed on time even if there is no revenue.

State Use And Sales Tax

In addition to the local hotel/motel tax, the 7% State Use and Sales Tax must be remitted to the Georgia Revenue Department by the 20th day of the following month. To file State Sales Tax, register with the State’s Department of Revenue to obtain a State Sales Tax Number. Please refer to the Georgia Department of Revenue for more information about the State Use and Sales.

Check out the Georgia Department of Revenue Business Registration and Sales Tax page

Good Neighbor Policy

The Tybee community is dedicated to maintaining a safe and peaceful family atmosphere for all residents and visitors of Tybee Island. Tybee Island has implemented a “Good Neighbor Program”, and STR owners and managers pledge to inform their guests about local laws, subdivision rules, and beach rules. STR owners and managers must use their best efforts to assure that use of the premises by rental guests will not disrupt the neighborhood and will not interfere with the rights of neighboring property owners to the quiet enjoyment of their properties. STR Owners must designate a local emergency contact person to contact for problems. The local contact must be available 24/7 and must be able to respond to complaints regarding the condition, operation, or conduct of occupant, and be able to take remedial action to resolve complaints in a timely manner.

Tybee's Good Neighbor Policy is described in the first articles on this page. Please scroll up to review this information.

Enforcement and Questions about a STR?

For general questions relating to the application for, or renewal of, an STR permit, please contact Jackie Stephens, STR Coordinator, City of Tybee Island at: (912) 472-5015 or

For complaint related questions, and/or complaint reports of any nature, regarding a certified or possible uncertified STR, please contact the Short-Term Rental Hotline (912) 325-7469.  Please include the property address, time of complaint and nature of complaint. 

Tybee's Short Term Rental Ordinance and Good Neighbor Policy

Welcome to Tybee Island! 

We are pleased you have chosen to spend your vacation on Tybee Island. Tybee is famous for the miles of sandy beaches along with its rich history that spans back to the late 1800s. There's so much to see and do that it would be impossible to do it all in one trip, so we invite you to come back again!   In the meantime, be sure to make some time to sit back, relax and just do nothing at all. This is what the locals call "Tybee time", and it's part of the reason so many people flock to our little three-mile island ... to escape and enjoy a slower pace of life. 

Like many of our visitors, you have decided to rent a residential home or condominium for your own special vacation getaway. That's great! This lodging option has become a popular choice for families since it provides more privacy and a sense of togetherness that comes from staying in a private residence.  Perhaps the greatest benefit is the pleasure of “living like a local” in one of our unique residential neighborhoods or condominium communities.  By choosing to stay in a short term vacation rental, you will be residing among the many permanent residents who have chosen to call Tybee Island "home."

Staying in a private home or condo allows visitors to experience a sense of community immersion, and much like any small community, the residents of Tybee Island value peaceful surroundings, and an environment that is quiet and safe.

What You Need to Know About Tybee’s Good Neighbor Program 

This brochure is intended to highlight a few ways you can be a good neighbor during your stay on Tybee Island.  City leaders along with the residents of Tybee ask for your cooperation to help keep Tybee Island an enjoyable place for everyone.   Follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated back at home. Staying at a short term rental means being a good neighbor and having consideration for those around you. 

Please keep in mind that you may be cited or fined by the City, or even evicted by the homeowner or property manager, for creating a disturbance or for violating other provisions of the public nuisance ordinances. The surrounding neighbors have access to a 24-hour number to call should they need to file a complaint.  Property managers and vacation rental homeowners are committed to keeping the peace.   

What Noise?  Enjoy Your Stay While Being a Good Neighbor 

Vacation time with family and friends can be fun and exciting with plenty of conversations, laughter and music, and everyone on vacation wants to enjoy a good time away from their normal routines.  It is important to balance the vacation fun with the neighbor’s own quiet enjoyment of their homes – many of them are not on vacation and are leading normal lives during your stay.  Consider how you would want your neighbors to behave in your own neighborhood.  Chances are your Tybee neighbors will expect the same of you while you are here.  A little bit of consideration goes a long way.  Keep in mind that loud music is not allowed outside of your home, so please don't bring the speakers outside or crank up the music.   Quiet time is 10pm to 7am.  

Please do not create noise or disturbances or engage in disorderly conduct.  A call from the neighbors to the local property manager or the Police Department will bring either the manager or the police to your door.  So, please keep the noise down.  Our officers can issue you a citation if you violate the city's noise ordinance or any other local laws. 

Occupancy - How Many is Too Many? 

Each short-term rental has an occupancy limit that varies according to the size of the home and number of beds. Always check with the homeowner or property manager before bringing additional persons into the property and verify that you are not breaking any rules. 

Compliance with these rules will assure that you and your neighbors will both enjoy your stay. We're glad you're here and want you to have a great time!

Parking – Where to park and what are the limits? 

Many of Tybee’s homes were constructed before the widespread use of automobiles, and some properties do not have garages or large driveways. Each short term rental has a parking limit that varies according to the number of designated off-street parking spaces available.  Guests are asked to only park in assigned spaces and to not park in City right-of- ways, or blocking neighboring driveways or streets.   Cars blocking access can be towed.  Legal street parking spaces are available on a pay-to-park first- come-first-serve basis and public parking rules are enforced 365 days per year. 

Advice for those traveling with their pets

Visitors are reminded the City of Tybee Island has a leash law that requires all dogs be on leashes whenever they are outside and not in a fenced area. You are responsible for maintaining control of your dog to ensure the safety of others. Please be considerate and pick up your pet waste to dispose of properly. Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle; it is illegal, your pet may be removed to Animal Control at 78 Van Horn, and you could face a citation. And, just like at home, a barking or whining dog disturbs the neighbors.  Dogs are not allowed on any of Tybee’s beaches at any time. 

Tybee Island Short Term Rental (STR) managers and homeowners are committed to welcoming our guests into the Tybee community while encouraging good neighbor behaviors in our neighborhoods. 

We work with guests and neighbors to avert potential problems and to ensure that developing issues are resolved.  

We ask that guests recognize our community’s dedication to maintaining a safe and peaceful family atmosphere for all residents and visitors of Tybee Island. 

Tybee Island has implemented a Good Neighbor Program and STR owners and managers pledge to inform our guests about local laws, subdivision rules, and beach rules.

Compliance with these rules will assure that you and your neighbors will both enjoy your stay. We're glad you're here and want you to have a great time.  

We welcome you to Tybee and hope you enjoy your vacation!

Guests are asked to abide by the following basic Rules and Guidelines: 

  • Please respect the neighborhood and your neighbor’s right to quiet enjoyment of their home.  Loud Music and noise is prohibited. Quiet time: 10pm to 7am, please be a good neighbor!
  • Overnight guests shall not exceed the property’s posted occupancy. Only Registered Guests shall occupy the Rental Property.
  • All rental properties are designated for residential use consistent with the City of Tybee code. Prom groups, large groups, events, receptions or like-kind events are not allowed at STR properties.
  • Cars parked on premises shall not exceed published parking capacity of property.  Cars should display appropriate parking pass issued by the owner or manager and must be parked in the driveway or designated parking area of the rental property.  Parking in neighboring yards or driveways of rental property is prohibited. Vehicles may not be driven or parked where not allowed.
  • Posted street signage (speed limits, parking, etc.) will be obeyed.
  • Motor homes, campers, and tents are prohibited and may not be parked or hooked up at STR property.
  • Charcoal grilling on deck is prohibited; it is a fire hazard.
  • Only registered pets are allowed in designated rental properties. Leash laws must be obeyed, and no pets are allowed on the beach (City fines range upwards of $280 per incident).
  • Help keep Tybee clean! Garbage will be bagged securely and placed in the trash and recycling carts provided.  The City has contracted weekly “side door” trash pickup so do not roll trash or recycling carts to the curb, but please be sure to take your trash out to the cart the night before your property’s designated trash/recycling pick up day. 
  • Most STR properties do not allow indoor smoking (Please refer to your Rental Agreement).  No “butts on the beach” or anywhere else; cigarette butts shall be properly disposed of.
  • Support the Turtle “Lights Out” Program. Turn your beachfront porch lights off by 9pm. (May-Nov)
City of Tybee Official Beach Rules

  • No Smoking or Vaping on Beach or Beach Crossovers. 
  • No Pets on the Beach Except properly Certified Service Animals. (Emotional support pets are not allowed).
  • No Glass or Breakable Containers
  • No Motorized Vehicles on Beach
  • No Littering-this includes cigarette butts!
  • No Fires or Grilling
  • No Disorderly Conduct
  • No Nudity
  • No Disturbing Dune Vegetation or Walking in the Dunes
  • Swim Within 50 Yards of Shoreline
  • Obey Lifeguards
  • No Motorized Watercraft within 1000 Feet of Water Line
  • No beer kegs