Master Plan


As of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Working Group, the vision of Tybee Island's master Plan is: "As concerned citizens of The City of Tybee Island, we will be conscientious stewards of our unique historic and cultural heritage, environmental resources, and diverse economic community. We will also ensure that our growth does not exceed the Island's carrying capacity.

We will foster a vibrant, year-round economy and support our business community in its goal to provide quality services and facilities for both residents and visitors. We will provide increased recreational and educational opportunities for all age groups to promote Tybee Island as a family-friendly, four-season vacation destination, while enhancing the distinctive atmosphere of our Island life." 



The community goals derived from the effort include:

    • Encourage development and re-development in residential areas that is within the context of traditional neighborhoods
    • Encourage development and re-development to be compatible with the existing, land uses and development patterns in adjacent areas
    • Maintain and preserve our traditional community character and sense of place
    • Maintain, preserve and enhance our historic and cultural resources
    • Maintain, preserve and enhance our community open spaces, such as parks, greenbelts, and wildlife corridors
    • Develop coastal hazard preparedness, or crisis management responses for hurricane preparedness and recovery from a financial, physical, and safety perspective
    • Encourage a diverse, stable and year round population with a high quality of life
    • Encourage a focus on quality development within the carry capacity of the island
    • Ensure that existing water, wastewater, solid waste, and transportation infrastructure is sufficient to support the current population
    • Plan for infrastructure improvements, including water, wastewater, solid waste, and transportation, to support future growth
    • Adapt to a changing climate
    • Protect and preserve our environmentally sensitive areas, including beaches, natural terrain, drainage areas, vegetation, coastal marshlands, wildlife habitat and corridors, and floodplains
    • Encourage and support sustainable businesses that serve both year round residents and visitors
    • Promote a balance of diverse employment opportunities for both the year round and seasonal workforce
    • Provide for and encourage the use of transportation alternatives, including bike, pedestrian, golf carts and public transportation
    • Promote and encourage transportation safety, parking, and traffic solutions for Tybee including US 80 and its bridge infrastructure
    • Encourage a range of housing sizes, costs, and densities to meet the diverse needs of the population.
    • Encourage a range of educational and enrichment opportunities within the community
    • Support non-profit organizations that enhance the quality of life, economy and culture of the island
    • Encourage and support recreational opportunities and amenities, including the existing campground
    • Continue to participate and promote the regional efforts to develop solutions for issues affecting
  • Tybee, the region and the State
    • Promote and preserve Tybee’s unique identity within the regional context of Coastal Georgia
    • Develop and achieve our own vision with State technical and financial support


The Carrying Capacity Study also developed a set of goals. Although worded somewhat differently, the goals of that study are consistent with the goals identified for the Comprehensive Plan. 

The Carrying Capacity Study goals are as follows: 

  • Diverse, stable year round population with a high quality of life
  • Healthy, sustainable tourism based economy that also serves the year round population and business owners in the off season
  • Balance between the tourism industry and year round residents
  • Protection of environmental, historic and cultural resources
  • Safe, multi-modal access to, from and within Tybee

Tybee Island 2021-2026 Comprehensive Plan Update

The Tybee Island Comprehensive Plan is a living document that is continually updated and refreshed by citizens and city leaders to reflect the current vision, goals and future plans for the community. Apart from being a visionary document, the comprehensive plan is a guidance document for developing and creating policies that affect how the City will change, adapt and respond to new issues over the coming years. Get the document here.

2017 Master Plan Implementation Committee

The Master Plan Implementation Committee was charged with ensuring that the City’s Master Plan is a vital resource in directing the City’s future. Its mission wss to review the current Master Plan of the City and Carrying Capacity Report, recommend strategies for implementation of these reports and report quarterly to the City on their implementation. 
The Master Plan Implementation Committee included 7 to 15 members. This committee is not active at this time.

2016 Master Plan Working Group Presentations and Reports

The 2016 Plan Updates, as developed by the Comprehensive Plan Working Group, as well as the Carrying Capacity Study documents are in WebLink. To view the latest updates, click here.

2007 Master Plan Information

Clicking the links below will download PDF documents showing the respective reports, plans, maps and meeting minutes for the Master Plan efforts on Tybee Island. Any of these documents may also be requested at City Hall:

Community Assessment Report 

Data Assessment Report

Short Term Work Program

In order to maintain Qualified Local Government (QLG) status every local government in Georgia must have an approved and adopted Short Term Work Program (PDF) (STWP) for implementation of their Master Plan. The STWP outlines and schedules specific actions that the City intends to take to address the needs and goals identified in the plan. In short, the STWP is the “to-do” list that resulted from the Master Plan process.

The STWP is updated online on an irregular basis - if you're looking for a more up-to-date version than what is posted here, please email us to let us know!

Quality Growth Plan Report

The Quality Growth Resource Team for Tybee Island was brought together in March 2006 through collaboration with Tybee Island, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), and its quality growth partners including government agencies, universities, nonprofits, and business groups working to provide technical assistance on “smart growth” issues to Georgia communities. The resource team focused their study (PDF) on the entire island.