Building and Zoning Forms

  1. 2004 Master Plan Proposal (PDF)
  2. 2015 - 2016 Work Plan (PDF)
  3. Alcohol License (PDF)
  4. Brochure Detailing Financial Opportunities (PDF)
  5. Building Permit Application (PDF)
  6. Business License (PDF)
  7. Business Resource Guide (PDF)
  8. City of Tybee Island Special Conditions (PDF)
  9. Coastal Regional Commission slideshow presentation from the Charrette (PDF)
  10. Community Assessment Plan (PDF)
  11. Contractor Registration (PDF)
  12. Data Assessment Report (PDF)
  13. Design Services Available (JPG)
  14. Disclosure of Campaign Contributions (PDF)
  15. DPW and Facilities Map (JPG)
  16. Electrical Permit Application (PDF)
  17. Electrical Permit Application and Temporary Service Affidavit (PDF)
  18. Entertainment License (PDF)
  19. Erosion Control for Homebuilders (PDF)
  20. Existing Land Use Map (JPG)
  21. FEMA 3-page Owner Contractor Forms (PDF)
  22. Final Park Plan (JPG)
  23. Frequently Asked Questions - Tybee Island Business Corridor Charrette (PDF)
  24. Guide to Business Resources on Tybee Island (PDF)
  25. Historical Property Federal Tax Incentive Information (PDF)
  26. History (PDF)
  27. Infrastructure Alteration Permit Application (PDF)
  28. Land Disturbing Permit Application (PDF)
  29. Map Amendment Application (PDF)
  30. Map of Areas Requiring Special Attention (JPG)
  31. Master Plan (PDF)
  32. Master Plan Character Area Recommendation Summary Presentation
  33. Master Plan Report (PDF)
  34. May 23, 2007 (PDF)
  35. Mechanical Permit Application (PDF)
  36. Mural Process and Guidelines (PDF)
  37. National Register of Historic Places (PDF)
  38. Natural Resources Map (JPG)
  39. New Construction Building Permit Application (PDF)
  40. New Resident Welcome Packet (PDF)
  41. Open House Presentation from May 23, 2007 (PDF)
  42. Parking Map (PDF)
  43. Permit Fees (PDF)
  44. Permitting and Other Services Guide (PDF)
  45. Plumbing Permit Application (PDF)
  46. Public Participation Plan of March 9, 2007 (PDF)
  47. Quality Growth Report (PDF)
  48. Rental Properties Map (JPG)
  49. Report form for Sunday Sales of Alcoholic Beverages (PDF)
  50. Short Term Work Program (PDF)
  51. Sidewalk Cafe or Merchandise Display (PDF)
  52. Site Plan Approval Application (PDF)
  53. Site Plan Approval with Variance Application (PDF)
  54. Special Review Application (PDF)
  55. Stage-Tent Application (PDF)
  56. Stage-Tent Policy (PDF)
  57. State Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Property (PDF)
  58. State Tax Credit for Rehabilitated Historic Property (PDF)
  59. Subdivision of Land Application (PDF)
  60. Summary Report (PDF)
  61. Swimming Pool Spa Hot Tub Permit Application (PDF)
  62. Tent-Canopy Application (PDF)
  63. Tent-Canopy Policy (PDF)
  64. Text Amendment Applicaton (PDF)
  65. This Place Matters Proclamation (PDF)
  66. Traffic and Parking Study (PDF)
  67. Transportation Map (JPG)
  68. Tree Removal Permit Application (PDF)
  69. Tybee Charrette Report August 2012 (PDF)
  70. Tybee Island Tourism Study 2015 (PDF)
  71. Tybee Preservation Projects 1996-2014 (PDF)
  72. V-Zone Design Certificate (PDF)
  73. Yard Sale Guidelines (PDF)
  74. Zoning Map (PDF)
  75. Zoning Variance Application (PDF)
  76. New Construction Building Permit (PDF)

TIPD Information Documents

Water and Sewer Reports and Information