Beach Task Force


  • 12:00 pm until approximately 1:00 pm
  • The 3rd Thursday of each month
  • Public Safety Building Conference Room, 78 Van Horn

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Task Force Ordinance

The Beach Task Force was created by the City Council as per the ordinance referenced below:

Section 2-3-30 Beach Task Force

(A) Creation and Purpose: There is hereby created a commission to be know as the Tybee Island Beach Task Force for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity and general welfare of the City and to provide recommendations to the Mayor and Council of the City regarding issues affecting the beach including but not limited to beach erosion and renourishment, and to perform the functions and duties stated herein.

(B) Name: The name of the committee shall be The Tybee Island Beach Task Force and is hereinafter referred to as the Task Force.

(C) Membership: The Beach task Force shall consist of not less than ten (10) nor more than twenty (20) members appointed by the Mayor and Council, such appointees being selected on the basis of their knowledge and interest in protecting and promoting the natural characteristic of Tybee Island, especially its beaches and shorelines, to serve three (3) year terms

(D) Functions and Duties: The Task Force shall…

(a) Promote the beach preservation and maintenance
(b) Promote beach renourishment
(c) Promote prevention of shoreline erosion
(d) Serve as a consultant body on beach and shoreline issues
(e) Assist other entities in promoting the preservation of the ecology and natural beauty of Tybee Island
(f) Report on Task recommendations to the Mayor and Council.
(g) To perform other duties related to the above functions as may be directed by the Mayor and Council or by the City Manager
(h) Lobby state and federal entities on behalf of Tybee's beaches.

(E) Administration: The Task Force shall elect one of its members as chair and one member as vice chair and may elect as its secretary one of its own members or, with the approval of the Mayor and Council, may appoint as secretary an employee of the City.

(F) Rules of Procedure: The Task Force may establish such rules, bylaws and regulations not inconsistent with the City Charter, Ordinances of the City, or law, as it deems appropriate and necessary for the fulfillment of its duties or the conduct of its affairs. Copies of such rules, bylaws, and/or regulations shall be filed with the Clerk of Council.

(G) Meetings: Meetings of the Task Force shall be scheduled as directed by chairman or the membership. All meetings shall comply with the Georgia Open Meetings Act. (Ord 2001-10; 5/10/2001)

(Ord. 2001-05; 3/8/01)

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