Mission Statement

The mission of the Tybee Island Police Department is to strengthen and maintain the social order of the community by providing professional law enforcement services, having the best training and resources for education, while remaining within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits. The Department will provide services which contribute to the preservation of life, the protection of property, and the general safety of the community.

The Department will work to prevent, detect and investigate criminal activity, to recover lost and stolen property, employ organized traffic control and to apprehend and prosecute suspected offenders all while following a very structured management system while constantly assessing our performance.

The Department will further provide community service under non-criminal circumstances such as natural or man made disasters and medical emergencies. The Department will actively solicit and encourage the contribution of all citizens to assist in the formulation of activities which accomplish these goals.

Police Records Request

Requests for public records must be made using the JustFOIA system. Please contact the Clerk of Council with any questions about the process.
A reasonable fee will be charged, based on the amount of information and work required to fulfill any request.

Retrieving Property

Contact the Property and Evidence Unit at 912-472-5099 or bwhitley@cityoftybee.gov to schedule an appointment with Assistant Chief Whitley.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Information
Visit the Georgia Bureau of Investigation website to check the Georgia sex offender registry, missing and exploited children database, identity theft and criminal history checks.

Victim's Bill of Rights
Victims of many types of crimes have rights and responsibilities under a Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 17-17-1) called the Victims' Bill of rights (PDF).
For information or assistance, call the Victim-Witness Assistance Program in the Office of the District Attorney at 912-652-7308 or 800-477-5959.

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As a popular beach vacation destination, Tybee Island hosts thousands of families every year…but who takes care of the kids if something happens to their parents? That’s where the volunteers of Operation Starlight come in.

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