Hurricane Information

CEMA (Chatham Emergency Management Agency) has posted an early preparedness exercise with very specific actions you can take to prepare for a potential evacuation:
  • Monitor radio, TV, and NOAA weather radios for information on storm progression.
  • Visit CEMA’s website and sign up for CEMA Alerts.
  • Fuel and service family vehicles.
  • Inspect and secure mobile home tie-downs.
  • Gather important documents (deeds, Social Security Number cards, military records, bank statements, insurance documents, passports and other IDs) and put into a small portable waterproof container.
  • Determine your evacuation destination (if ordered to evacuate).
  • Make evacuation plans for your pets (including carriers / leashes, pet food, water and dishes).
  • Check food and water supplies. Have clean, airtight containers on hand to store water.
  • Keep a small cooler with frozen jell packs for refrigerated items.
  • Prepare to cover window and door openings with protective materials. If you have not precut plywood for windows, do it now.
  • Check and replenish first aid supplies.
  • Check supplies of prescription medicine.
  • Check and stock up on radio, flashlight, and lantern batteries.
  • Secure outdoor lawn furniture and other loose, lightweight objects such as garbage cans, garden tools, potted plants, etc.
  • Have an extra supply of cash and coins.

Preparedness Resources

In addition, the local cable access channel 7 carries a presentation about hurricane preparedness issues. If you do not have local cable access, much of the information available can be found at the following websites and telephone numbers:
Please note that in the event of a hurricane or other disaster, evacuation and emergency instructions will be posted on the City's home page as well as on the local cable access Channel 7 programming on Comcast.