Scheduled Trash Pickup

All garbage and recycling on the island will be picked up side-door. This will keep the streets of Tybee free of garbage carts and residents will not need to worry about pulling their cart to the street. As long as the carts are not behind any locked fencing, in garages or under carports they will be collected. Please make sure they are easily visible so the collection crew does not have to look too hard.

Although regularly scheduled collection days are indicated in the map below, you can contact Atlantic Waste to schedule pick-up for large amounts of household trash, yard waste, or appliances which would not normally be taken during their regular visit. Atlantic Waste can be contacted at 912-964-2000.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Eagles Nest 6th Street North 6th Street North to 13th Street 13th Street & South
Horse Pen Hammock Lewis Ave
Van Horne Ave & West Solomon & N. Campbell
N. Beach

Tybee Recycling Map

Recycling Pickup Schedule

Recycling is going to take place for each neighborhood on the same day that regular waste is picked up each week. Please recycle using the blue recycling carts.

Acceptable single stream recyclables include:
  • All paper
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Junk Mail
  • Plastics (1-7)
  • Metal cans (aluminum and steel)
Grocery store plastic bags, Styrofoam, film, glass, and bubble wrap are NOT recyclable with single stream. There are receptacles around the island in which plastic bags and film can be recycled. Glass should be included with your garbage.
Please call 912-964-2000 if you have any questions.

Yard Waste Pickup Schedule
All yard waste for the entire island will be picked up on Fridays. Yard trimmings and leaves need to be placed curbside in brown paper sacks. (Plastic bags will not be collected) Each sack should be no more than 75 pounds. Tree limbs are to be stacked in piles no larger than 4 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4 feet deep. Tree trunks and limbs larger than 4 inches in diameter or longer than 5 feet long will not be collected.

Bulk Pickup
One bulk item may be placed curbside for pickup on your normal garbage day. This includes appliances, furniture, and other large bulky items. Pickup of more items can be arranged by contacting Atlantic Waste at 912-964-2000. Additional costs to be determined based upon the size, quantity and weight of the items.