Recycling and Garbage Collection 

The City will no longer offer curbside recycling. Please bring recyclables to recycling stations at any of the following locations:
  • Tybee Island Memorial Park, 510 Jones Avenue
  • Jaycee Park, 31 Van Horne Avenue
  • Department of Public Works, 76 Polk Street
Recyclables will be accepted 24 hours per day. Please do not leave recyclables outside of the bins.  Acceptable recyclables: Plastics #1 and #2, aluminum, tin, metal, cardboard, paper (office, newspaper, mail and shipping).

Yard waste will be collected on Wednesday. The blue carts formally used for recycling can be repurposed to use for your yard waste in lieu of the brown paper sacks. If you do not want to use your blue bin for yard waste, please notify the City at (912) 472-4573 or email us your name and street address and we will remove the cart.

  • Yard waste is grass trimmings, palm fronds, leaves and tree limbs.
  • Tree limbs and yard trimmings must be kept separate from garbage.
  • Yard trimmings and leaves must be placed in the blue cart or brown paper sacks and placed curbside. We can not collect yard waste in plastic bags. Each bag must weigh no more than 50 pounds.
  • Tree limbs should be placed in the blue cart or stacked in a pile no longer tan 5 feet long x 5 feet high x 5 feet deep.
  • Tree trunks larger than 4 inches in diameter will not be collected
Third party contractors may not dispose of yard waste curbside. Contractors must dispose of yard waste at the Department of Public Works or other designated facility.

One bulk item may be placed curbside for pickup on your normal garbage days.

Garbage collection of "landfill only waste"  will be picked up twice per week in the greed lid cart. Trash pick up days depend on where you live. Garbage collection will be "side door" to keep the streets of Tybee free of garbage carts and residents will not need to worry about pulling their cart to the street. As long as the carts are not behind any locked fencing, in garages or under carports they will be collected. Please make sure they are easily visible so the collection crew does not have to look too hard.

Please do not use the blue carts for household garbage. This will not be collected.

Acceptable waste includes:
  • non-hazardous household and commercial refuse (i.e. food scraps, glass bottles, etc.)Unacceptable waste includes: Unacceptable waste includes: 
Unacceptable waste includes: 
  • Hazardous waste materials ( radioactive waste, extreme acidic or basic chemicals (pesticides), large liquids waste  (5 gallons or more).
  • Wet Paint
  • Tires, propane tanks, and medical waste greater than 2 pounds per week.
Although regularly scheduled collection days are indicated in the map below, you can contact Atlantic Waste to schedule pick-up for large amounts of household trash, yard waste, or appliances which would not normally be taken during their regular visit. Atlantic Waste can be contacted at 912-964-2000.