Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Anthony Errato for being chosen as the City of Tybee’s Employee of the Year!
Anthony is a police officer with the police department and has worked for the City of Tybee Island for 2 years. Anthony exemplifies each of the criteria for employee of the year - pride in his job, consistently high job performance, actions above and beyond the call of duty, adherence to safety procedures, cooperative attitude, creativity and innovation, teamwork, leadership, commitment and flexibility. There is no one more committed to the organization's success than Anthony.  We are very lucky to have his service and stewardship on board! 
He represents the City of Tybee well.  As his supervisor stated, “Officer Anthony Errato has taken his time to help out complete strangers who have needed help.  Here are a few examples:  He has stayed with elderly people when their care has broken down and waited until the tow truck has arrived and a ride has picked them up.  He has helped people get home when they need a ride for whatever reason.  He has spent his own money on occasions to get food for people in need, and he has a way to make people smile and laugh without trying.  Officer Errato is a perfect example of what customer service is all about and any agency or business would be proud to have him as an employee and as an ambassador to the community.”

His supervisor also stated, “Officer Errato takes great pride in his job which can be seen in his appearance and in the appearance of his patrol car.  On many occasions Officer Errato has been complimented by citizens of our community as well as by our many visitors to our island.  Whenever you ask him to do something he goes out of his way to do the best job he can do no matter what it is without any complaints and with little direction.  When he sees something that needs to be done he does it without being asked.  Officer Errato is a great officer and a great asset to the City of Tybee.  We get nothing but praises from the community and how nice cheerful, courteous, and respectful he is when they have encountered him during the course of him doing his job."

It is obvious that he takes great pride in his job and this community.

Anthony, thank you from the City for your hard work, commitment and dedication!