Posted on: September 13, 2017


Once Tybee Road was re-opened, the storm chasers began to arrive along with the reputable repair and clean-up contractors. If you are approached or cold-called by someone who wants to do repairs or clean-up at your home, ask to see their Tybee contractor's license before you let them in! On top of that, reputable contractors will also have workman's compensation insurance in place for their employees and sub-contractors; that insurance coverage protects YOU if a workman is injured while working on your property! If your contractor is unable to show those two pieces of paper, do not allow them even to offer to do business with you. The contractor's license is available at City Hall, which re-opens on Thursday, September 14th, at 8AM, from Sharon Shaver. If someone cold calls you over the telephone, do not give them ANY information about yourself, and especially do not provide any account or credit card information! City Marshal Joseph Toole will be patrolling and checking paperwork, but it will be impossible for him to check everyone, so if you have any questions or want to report someone, please call Police Dispatch at 786.5600 to report your issue and request a visit if needed.

Once you have selected someone to do your work, never pay significant amounts of money in advance for work. Agree on milestones on your project and only pay for work that has already been completed! Again, a reputable contractor will have enough resources to do your work first, at least in stages. If someone in this situation is so small that they can't afford to operate this way, it is not a good idea to get involved with them. And, of course, in general, those asking for generous advance payments are likely to take your money and disappear!

Our sympathies go out to everyone for whom this is an issue. Please help your neighbors be aware of the very real danger of these scams. Protect yourself!

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