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Public Records Requests
Requests for public records must be made in writing, either via mail, fax, or email, to the City Clerk, Jan LeViner. The Clerk's contact information is:
Please contact the Clerk with any questions about the process, as well as to file your request.
A reasonable fee will be charged, based on the amount of information and work required to fulfill any request.

Clerk of Council
Janet LeViner
Clerk of Council
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City Council Agenda Item Request can be downloaded from the Downloads > Forms > General Forms section. 

Election Information
There are two standard polling places on Tybee, though due to scheduling conflicts, there will sometimes be alternate locations arranged. There are two voting districts on the island: 4-10 and 4-11.
Election information is normally kept up-to-date by the Chatham County Board of Elections, while the Tybee Island official responsible for election issues is the City Clerk, Jan LeViner. The Elections Board is at 1117 Eisenhower Dr, Savannah, GA 31406, and the office can be reached at (912) 201-4375. The City Clerk can be reached at 912.472.5080, or via email at jleviner@cityoftybee.org.
The web page at http://elections.chathamcounty.org/Elections will usually have information about voting dates for the year, candidates and issues to be voted on in upcoming elections, and district information including the definition of each district, its voting location, and sample ballots that voters can expect to see in the booth.
The information here shows that Tybee's district 4-10, which includes the Chimney Creek and Spanish Hammock unincorporated areas as well all of the city north of First Street and west of Horsepen Creek, will be voting in the normal location at the Guard House/Community Center on Van Horn at the intersection of North Campbell. The sample ballot is ballot number 3, at http://elections.chathamcounty.org/Portals/ElectionsBoard/Prior%20Elections/2014/November%204/Card3.pdf.
Tybee's district 4-11, which encompasses the rest of the island - that is, everything east of Horsepen and south of First Street - will be voting at the usual site of the Old School Cafeteria at 204 Fifth Street. The ballot is the same here as for 4-10: http://elections.chathamcounty.org/Portals/ElectionsBoard/Prior%20Elections/2014/November%204/Card3.pdf.

Policies regarding video recordings and reproductions

City of Tybee Island Policy Regarding Video Recording & Production of Meetings


The City of Tybee Island will assume the cost of Audio/Video production, recording and broadcasting for all meetings and events of an official city nature. This will include, but is not limited to:


            Scheduled & Special Called City Council Meetings

            Planning Commission Meetings

            Infrastructure Committee Meetings

            Better Hometown Board Workshops/Meetings

            Public Safety Committee Meetings

            Community Resource Committee Workshops

            City/Council Sponsored Forums


An A/V services fee of $200 will be charged to the organizing body/party for all other meetings and events. Requests for use of city premises, equipment and personnel should be delivered to the Clerk’s office no later than 2 weeks prior to the date requested.


Tybee Island Policy Regarding Reproductions of Meetings


A copy of each City Council meeting will be made available to the public, via checkout, through the Tybee Island Library, by the Monday following the meeting.


Individual copies of any meeting, including City Council, Planning Commission, any official city committee or special event recorded at City Hall can be purchased through the Clerk of Council’s office for $10.00 and will be ready within 10 business days after request.


Copies will only be made available on DVD. No VHS tapes will be produced.

Miscellaneous Council Business

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