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Tybee Island, GA 31328
tel. (912)786-4573

Tybee Island Main Street Program

Mission and Vision


To improve the quality of life for those that live, work and visit Tybee Island through a healthy business corridor and enhance the cultural experience while preserving the community's barrier island heritage.


Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Tybee Island Main Street (TIMS) Program is to:

- facilitate efforts to revitalize, redevelop and enhance the business corridor;

- create a sense of place and improve the quality of life for residents, business owners and visitors using the Main Street Four Point Approach;

- encourage quality economic growth and development while preserving Tybee Island's unique architectural heritage;

- support and encourage the arts as a cultural endeavor and economic engine on the Island.

This effort takes support and assistance from all. Therefore, Committees are forming to help with the foundation of the proven "Main Street four-point approach" tailored to meet local needs and opportunities. The four points are Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring. The four points are combined to address all of the commercial district's needs.
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For more information regarding the Board of Directors click here

Savannah-Tybee Beach Shuttle
The shuttle leaves for Tybee from the Savannah Visitors Center Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, and 5:00pm. The first stop on Tybee is at the Tybrisa / Strand Roundabout (approx. 30 - 40 minutes from Savannah departure) and then it stops at North Beach near the Tybee Island Lighthouse (approx. 15 minutes after the Roundabout stop).  
Cost is $5 / way / person.  Credit card payments are accepted for an additional $0.50 per one-way trip.
Click here for more information.  A map of the island can be found here.

Memorial Bench Plaque Program

Design committee members with Tybee Island Main Street are pleased to make it possible for individuals to purchase a Memorial Plaque  for city benches located within the downtown area of the Main Corridor. 

Each bench will be memorialized with a permanent memorial plaque in honor of the loved ones that treasured Tybee and its heritage.   For more information, please click here.



This northernmost barrier island offers a variety of natural and cultural experiences while providing goods and services to Residents and Visitors all year long..   

Throughout and bordering the Main Corridor you will find over 35 restaurants, 30 specialty shops and art galleries, as well as necessary year-round services.  

Click here for a complete list of businesses welcoming you to walk through the door.


Living on Tybee and buying local is important to you and to your neighboring merchants.
The Main Street Business Assistance Committee is pleased to offer those with a current 31328 address on their driver's licence the opportunity to obtain a
Locals Appreciation Card.  Many merchants offer specials year-round to those with a Locals Appreciation Card.
For the most current list (updated 10-2013) of businesses participating, click here
Cards can be obtained from the Main Street Coordinator in the Main Street Office at City Hall.
For tourism information and Chamber of Commerce listings, please click here to open the Tybee Island Tourism Council website. 



Welcome to Tybee Island, where community, commerce, and culture make the quality of life exceptional!  We are happy that you have chosen Tybee, Georgia's coastal barrier island, as your hometown to enjoy year-round.  

For details about living on Tybee click here.
To learn more about Tybee's history and click here.

Design Information / Historic Preservation
For information about design guidelines for commercial buildings and curb appeal please click here.  The Design Committee works with our partners with the Department of Community Affairs and the National Trust Main Street Center™ for design assistance.    If you are located within the designated Main Corridor and would like assistance with signage, facade improvements, or the like, please feel free to inquire here.
NEW OPPORTUNITY AS OF APRIL 2014!...A Facade Improvement Grant is available through the program for merchants within the Main Corridor.  Click here for information.

For more information about how Tybee Island is preserving its past, click here for the Historic Preservation Commission page.  
Tybee's nostalgic feel is due in part to the architectural character, history and uniqueness throughout the island.
Experts in the field of historic preservation and architecture have long worked with property owners on the Island to preserve buildings that represent the history and spirit of Tybee.  For a list of Districts and Individual listings on the National Register click here.
Do you own a home and / or building that is over 50 years old?  You may be eligible to protect and preserve your investment by being listed on the National Register!

Want to know more about the National Register of Historic Places? Click here
Following is beneficial information about the advantages of HP provided during various presentations:
HP Federal Tax Incentive information
State Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Property
State Tax Credit for Rehabilitated Historic Property   


Every year, during the month of May, National Preservation Month is celebrated.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a unique annual theme to celebrate. 
Following are a list of annual themes: 
2010 - "This Place Matters"
2011 - "Celebrating America's Treasures”
2012 - "Discover America's Hidden Gems”
2013 - "See!  Save!  Celebrate!"
2014 - "Embark.  Inspire.  Engage."
In 2010, Mayor Buelterman read a Proclamation in honor of National Preservation.  Following are a few photos from Tybee's 2010 celebration of "This Place Matters" theme:    
 https://cityoftybee.sophicity.com/Assets/Images/BetterHometown/Tybrisa.jpg      https://cityoftybee.sophicity.com/Assets/Images/BetterHometown/W_PTSCHUS_email.jpg    
More photos are available for viewing here

Main Street: Economic Development / Preservation

Tybee is proud to be a Classic (Georgia) Main Street (MS) Community, in partnership with the National Main Street Center.  

Main Street's purpose is economic development within the context of historic preservation utilizing the proven Main Street 4-Point Approach(tm) focused on revitalization and enhancements for long-term vitality.  In 2010, Tybee Island became recognized as Georgia Better Hometown (BHT) Program.  In 2013, the program changed its name to Tybee Island Main Street when the State officially merged the two signature programs.  Read the media release announcing the merger here.
The program is led by a strong Board of Directors and Committee Members with assistance from the City's Main Street (MS) Coordinator and volunteers to improve the community's quality of life through sound planning and implementation with private and public partnerships.  Tybee's designated Main Corridor encompasses the Historic Downtown area up to the Gateway. The "sense of place" is maintained to benefit Island businesses, residents and guests through understanding the local needs, opportunities and the corridor's unique assets year-round. Our approach is incremental in order to ensure a lasting effect with aspects of design / preservation, economic restructuring, promotion and organization.   

Assistance to Main Street communities is provided through public-private partnerships among a variety of local, state and national agencies that provide resources, technical assistance and advice designed, in particular, to stimulate downtown revitalization.  

In 2008, City Officials confirmed their commitment to Tybee's Main Corridor by pursuing Better Hometown designation and achieving it in 2010.  Since then, the volunteers who work with the program's coordinator have been actively leading sustainable improvements through their input and hard work.  The Georgia Office of Downtown Development merged Main Street and Better Hometown Programs in 2013, making Tybee Island one of the Georgia cities part of the largest MS (state) networks in the country.
Click here for an overview video about Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.   Committees work with the MS Board of Directors to make necessary improvements a reality. This structure minimizes confusion, avoids duplication and maintains good communication. Work plans set direction for committees and Board liaisons provide updates at the Board of Directors monthly meetings for review and approval as necessary. Committees typically meet once a month.
Each year, the Board of Directors host a public workshop to review the previous year's works completed and plan for the next year.  The 2014 - 2015 Work Plan can be viewed by clicking here.  Thank you to those that provided feedback, from which the work plans were developed during the 2014 Retreat!  
Click here for a video about design for Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.   Design Committee volunteers follow: Vicki Hammons, Committee Chair; Bob Ciucevich - Quatrefoil Consulting; Sue Bentley - Solomon Properties; Bill Garbett - City Council Liaison; Jim Glass - Director; Diane Schleicher- City Manager; Mark Boswell - Boswell Design; Jane Coslick - Resident 
Click here for a video about economic restructuring (now known as B. A. C.) for  Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.   Business Assistance Committee (B. A. C.) volunteers follow: Ted Lynch, Committee Chair; Sue Bentley - Solomon Properties; Jim Glass, Director; Deana Harden - Prevail Realty; Monty Parks - City Council member
Click here for a video about how Main Street stays organized with partners.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.   Organization / Outreach Committee volunteers include the Main Street Board of Directors and a variety of partners.
Click here for a video about Promotions for Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.   Promotions Committee volunteers follow: Brenda Marion, Committee Chair; Sam Adams - Resident; Michael Flores - TS Chu's Department Store; Karen Kelly - Resident; Billy Manucey - Resident; Steve Kellam - Director; Vicki Hammons - Director

If you would like to have a positive impact and work with one of the above committees,
please contact the Main Street Coordinator @ 472-5071 or click here.


Incentives / Financial Resources

Through the Main Street Program, a variety of information is available and workshops are hosted throughout the year for interested parties to gain knowledge about resources available for success in business.  Following is a list of business resources, financing opportunities and incentives for businesses owners and / or property owners.  Please call a member of the Economic Restructuring Committee or the Tybee Island Main Street Coordinator for more information.

Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC):
SBAC is a specialized, non-profit business development organization licensed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and is supported by the City of Savannah and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to promote economic growth. SBAC offers a variety of loan programs for new and existing businesses in the service delivery area.

Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC):
SBDC’s mission is to enhance the economic well-being of Georgians by providing a wide range of educational services for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. SBDC offers a range of services, including consulting, continuing education, applied research, minority business, international trade, commercialization, and client stories. 



State and federal government tax incentives are available for owners of a historic property who carry out a substantial rehabilitation.  All properties must be listed in, or eligible for the National/Georgia Register of Historic Places, either individually or as part of a National/Georgia Register Historic District.  Project work must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s/Department of Natural Resources Standards of Rehabilitation.

Federal Income Tax Credit Program

A federal income tax credit equal to 20% of rehabilitation expenses.  Available ONLY for income-producing properties.  The application is first reviewed by the Historic Preservation Division (HPD) then forwarded to the National Park Service for final decision.

State Income Tax Credit for Rehabilitated Historic Property

A state income tax credit of 25% of rehabilitation expenses.  The credit is capped at $100,000 for residences and $300,000 for income-producing properties.  This amended tax credit is allowed for the taxable year in which the certified rehabilitation is completed.

State Preferential Property Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Property

Freezes the county property tax assessment for over 8 years.  Available for personal residences as well as income-producing properties.  Owner must increase their fair market value of the building by 50-100%, depending on its new use.  The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Historic Preservation Division and the Georgia Department of Revenue administers the program.

The application is a two/three part process, describing before and after rehabilitation.  Project work should be submitted before work begins and be completed within two years.

Applications for all three programs are sent to HPD, and must be reviewed and approved by HPD and the National Park Service for the Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit.  There are cost tests that must be met to qualify for each program.



Georgia Cities Foundation assists property owners by collaborating with cities as they revitalize and enhance downtown areas by serving as a partner and facilitator in funding capital projects through a revolving loan fund.

DCA Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund

One Georgia

Employee Incentive Program

Community Development Block Grant

Homesafe Georgia can help provide "bridge" mortgage assistance to many in Georgia who are unemployed or have had a dramatic decrease in HH income due to national economic conditions. 

GA Tech Market Study - Phase II
In February of 2011, Ed Lindsey with GA Tech presented his findings from the 2009 lodging data he collected for Market Study-Phase II.  Click here for a profile summary of Hotel / Motel / Inn and Vacation Rental patrons.  This information is beneficial for all businesses when planning successful marketing strategies.  

Looking to open a business or expand in Tybee's Main Business Corridor?

Looking to open a business or expand an existing business in Tybee's Main Corridor?  
Helpful information about opening a new business and / or for your existing business is available within the Tybee Island's Business Resource Guide.
Information about the population (i.e. your neighborly customers throughout the year) is available through the 2010 census information.  Click here to review Tybee's demographic profile.  Please call 912-472-5071 with questions.

Would you like to own and operate a successful business such as a kitchen, furniture, office, or pet supply store on this nostalgic barrier island year-round?  
Following is a list of available commercial locations as of April 2014:

Commercial Vacancies for Sale or Lease within Tybee's Business Corridor:
(Information is as provided and is not guaranteed.)



 Sq ft (approx.)



5 Silver Avenue



Solomon Properties


104 Tybrisa



Savannah Trust Realty 


1604 Butler Avenue




1601 Inlet Avenue

1961 est.


Solomon Properties


17 15th Street

1940 est.

1383 (previously gift shop / apt. with off street parking)

Solomon Properties


0 5th Ave. (@ Hwy 80)



Solomon Properties


406 First St.


186 (office space upstairs)

Brian Malins


405 First Street



Solomon Properties


10 Jones Avenue



Solomon Properties 


1002 Highway 80



Solomon Properties


1010 E. Highway 80, Suite 5



Amy Gaster 


1013 E. Hwy 80



Keith Gay 


1204 E. Hwy 80



Coldwell Banker Platinum



Tybee Island Main Street Events Listing

October 19, 2014 - TYBEE COMMUNITY DAY 2014
Event Location
Memorial Park
Start Date
10/19/2014 01:00 PM
End Date
10/19/2014 05:00 PM

Tybee Community Day is a day for all ages of Tybee to play!  The third annual gathering is set for Sunday, October 19 from 1:00pm until 5:00pm.  

- Games for all ages - including the tug-of-rope competition 
- Community Art Project 
- Information from local non-profit organizations and community oriented services
- Live music  
...stand by for more information as we get closer to the day! 
Information is also available on the Tybee Community Day FB page here
Contact Name
Chantel Morton
Contact Phone
Contact Email

August 16, 2014 - Movies in the Park
Event Location
Memorial Park
Start Date
8/16/2014 08:00 PM
End Date
8/16/2014 11:30 PM
Come out for a movie in the park and enjoy an evening of summer breezes with laughter.  
Despicable Me 2 will be shown on the side of the gym beginning at dark on Saturday, August 16.
Please bring your chair and / or blanket.   
Contact Name
Chantel Morton
Contact Phone
Contact Email

December 05, 2014 - LIGHTS ON FOR TYBEE
Event Location
Downtown Tybee - Tybrisa / Strand
Start Date
12/05/2014 06:30 PM
End Date
12/05/2014 09:00 PM
Join the annual season celebration with the tree lighting ceremony at the Tybrisa/ Strand Roundabout. Mayor Buelterman will do the honors of lighting the Tybee Tree followed by musical delights, dancing and more entertainment for the community and guests! Enjoy the holiday lights and joy while you stroll, dine, shop and create memories downtown.. Complimentary refreshments will be available at participating locations. 
The Tybee for the Holidays website has all your information about the Holiday Season on Tybee.
Contact Name
Chantel Morton
Contact Phone
Contact Email

Event Location
Parade route/YMCA
Start Date
12/06/2014 01:00 PM
End Date
12/06/2014 03:30 PM
The annual parade celebrating the holidays begins in the 14th Street parking lot, travels up Tybrisa to the Tybee Gym @ 5th Street via Butler Ave.  Santa will be making sure the parade follows the route to take him to gym for festivities with the Tybee YMCA!  He does not want to miss his photo opportunity there with the children before they begin partaking in game time and refreshments with family and friends!

Parade applications (click here) are due by November 24. 
The Tybee for the Holidays website has all your information about the Holiday Season on Tybee.
Contact Name
Chantel Morton
Contact Phone
Contact Email

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