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Tybee Island, GA 31328
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Tybee Island Main Street Program


Vision Statement: 

The Vision of the Tybee Island Development Authority / Main Street Program is to improve the quality of life for those that live, work, and visit Tybee Island and enhance the cultural experience while preserving the community's barrier island heritage.

 Main Street is more than a group of people or organization.   Main Street is a lifestyle shared and continuously worked on by a community to maintain its town's sense of place, uniqueness and economic vitality.  


In 2008, City Officials confirmed their commitment to Tybee's Main Corridor by pursuing Better Hometown designation and achieving it in 2010.  Since then, volunteers work with the program's board and committees to actively lead sustainable improvements through their input and hard work.  The Georgia Office of Downtown Development merged Main Street and Better Hometown Programs in 2013, making Tybee Island one of the Georgia cities part of the largest MS (state) networks in the country.  Read the media release announcing the merger here.

Tybee is proud to be a Classic Main Street (MS) Community, in partnership with the National Main Street Center.  The program follows the proven Main Street 4-Point Approach(tm), which focuses on revitalization and enhancements appropriate for today’s marketplace for long-term vitality.    This approach advocates a return to community-reliance, local empowerment, and improving traditional commercial districts based on their unique assets: distinctive architecture, a pedestrian-friendly environment, personal service, local ownership, and a sense of community.

The program is led by a strong Board of Directors and Committee Members with assistance from the City's Executive Director Development Authority / Main Street and Volunteers to improve the community's quality of life through sound planning and implementation with private and public partnerships.  Assistance comes from partnerships on a local, state, and national level to provide resources, technical assistance, and advice to stimulate quality revitalization.  The "sense of place" is maintained to benefit Island businesses, residents and guests through understanding the local needs, opportunities and the island's unique assets year-round. Our approach is incremental in order to ensure a lasting effect with aspects of design / preservation, business assistance, promotion, and organization.   

Since the program began, it has evolved and continues to flourish for the City of Tybee as a whole.  From highly visible to the subtlest of changes, there have been a number of noteworthy successes due to strong partnerships and planning.  A brief synopsis of the successes include:

-       Implemented, improved and maintain lines of communication among Merchants, Residents, and the City via monthly e-newsletters, meetings, and social media.
-       Conceptualized, implemented, and promote the Buy Local Tybee concept.
-       Conceptualized, implemented, and manage the Locals Appreciation Card program for 28 merchants and 300+ residents. 
-       Successfully branded the Main Street “vibe” for the town by integrating art, history, commerce, nature, and community into our logo utilizing the town’s zip code. 
-       Obtained over $18,000 in grant monies to assist the City with buying and strategically placing trash receptacles along heavily used sidewalks.
-       Obtained over $11,000 in grant monies to build awareness and sustain the anti-litter campaign, Keep Tybee Tidy.
-       Encouraging preservation activities and highlighting the importance and benefits of protecting the island’s unique architectural details and heritage. 
-       Conceptualized, implemented, review, and award Façade Improvement Grants for commercial buildings with $1,500 in donations.
-       Coordinate Ribbon Cutting Celebrations, and the like, for new entrepreneurs / businesses celebrating a milestone anniversary with City Officials and the public.
    Initiated and manage the Tybee Island Information Providers Program at the Info Hut in Downtown Tybee and create materials for posting.  Develop partnerships to create jobs to maintain this service created to assist visitors (to date 4,000+ visitors have been assisted). 
-       Conceptualized, implemented, manage, and create materials for the Informational Kiosk at the Park of Seven Flags.
-       Coordinate and host twelve annual city-sponsored community events that highlight the arts, the businesses, and the community's well-being; coordinate with other’s hosting events and track the economic impact of events throughout the year (to date totals over $4.5 million).    
As an entity of the City, the Program Director and Board Members are fiscally responsible with the budget allocated by the City to do identified projects throughout the year.  Donations to assist in helping ensure the impact we have to keep Tybee Island strong and vibrant are appreciated.  The donation form can be found here.  

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Click here to learn about the Board of Directors




Welcome to Tybee Island, where community, commerce, and culture on Georgia’s Coast make the quality of life exceptional!    To learn more about Tybee's history and clichere.

We are happy that you have chosen to make Tybee your hometown to enjoy year-round.  Details to help you settle in and enjoy living on Tybee are described in the Tybee Island Resident Guide, click here.

Living on Tybee and having a variety of services, shops, and restaurants to choose from is important for a thriving community.  Supporting our local merchants by buying locally is important to keep commerce strong and your neighboring merchants appreciate your support.


The Business Assistance Committee is pleased to offer those with a current 31328 address on their driver's license the opportunity to obtain a Locals Appreciation Card.  Many merchants offer specials year-round to those with a Locals Appreciation Card.  For the most current list of participating locations (updated 7-2015), click here.  

To obtain a card, please bring your current driver’s license to the Development Authority / Main Street Office at City Hall.



Bench Plaque in Memory of a Loved One
Individuals may purchase a Memorial Plaque for city benches located within the downtown area of the Main Corridor. 

Each bench will be memorialized with a permanent memorial plaque in honor of the loved ones that treasured Tybee and its heritage.  For more information, please click here 


This northernmost Georgia barrier island offers a variety of natural and cultural experiences while also providing goods and services to Residents and Visitors all year long.   

Throughout the commercial areas on the island there are over 35 restaurants, 25 specialty shops and art galleries, as well as necessary year-round services.  

Click each of the icons below for a complete list of establishments by category. 




The Design Committee's primary focus is on "curb appeal" while being sensitive to the significance of remaining historic character of the areas.  The Historical Society and Historic Preservation Commission are program partners in helping to maintain Tybee's sense of place. 

With dedicated partners, members assist owners by advocating and assisting with improving the aesthetics of the commercial areas while remaining sensitive to community stakeholder input as indicated in Tybee Island's Quality Growth Report and Master Plan.

The committee also works with partners to improve immediate concerns affecting the perceived condition of these areas.    Over the past few years, the committee has been successful by:
   1) improving communication between the business community, City staff and officials in maintaining and improving streetscapes.

   2) advocating for cleaner and safer streets to enhance the resident's and guest's experience.
   3) developing plans to enhance the pedestrian-friendly environment through sidewalk enhancements and verbiage for the City’s wayfinding signage. 

   4) obtaining a grant in partnership with the City, Tybee Beautification and the Marine Science Center to combat litter through the Keep Tybee Tidy campaign.  

   5) obtaining conceptual design renderings for (Historic) Memorial Park and multiple commercial façade improvement recommendations.

A menu of available design services available through the program is available here for commercial property owners / merchants interested in enhancing and / or making improvements to their building.  Due to a private donation, financial assistance is available through the Facade Improvement Grant.   

In August of 2014, with input from the Design Committee members, City Officials approved an update to the Sign Ordinance to allow murals on commercial buildings, which includes a review process based on developed guidelines.  For information about the process and guidelines, click hereMural examples, sensitive to the Island’s environment and heritage, are available in the Development Authority / Main Street Office at City Hall. 

For more information about how Tybee Island’s unique character is being preserved, click here for the Historic Preservation Commission page. 


Tybee's nostalgic feel is due in part to the architectural character, history and uniqueness found only here.
Experts in the field of historic preservation and architecture have long worked with property owners on the Island to preserve buildings that represent the history and spirit of Tybee.  For a list of Districts and Individual listings on the National Register click here.
Do you own a home and / or building that is over 50 years old?  You may be eligible to protect and preserve your investment by being listed on the National Register!
Want to know more about the National Register of Historic Places? Click here


Following is beneficial information about the advantages of HP provided during various presentations:
HP Federal Tax Incentive information
State Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Property
State Tax Credit for Rehabilitated Historic Property   


Every year, during the month of May, National Preservation Month is celebrated.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a unique annual theme to celebrate such as . 
Following are a list of annual themes: 


 This Place Matters (photos below; read the Proclamation here.)


 Celebrating America's Treasures


 Discover America's Hidden Gems


 See!  Save!  Celebrate!


 Embark.  Inspire.  Engage. 

 https://cityoftybee.sophicity.com/Assets/Images/BetterHometown/Tybrisa.jpg                              https://cityoftybee.sophicity.com/Assets/Images/BetterHometown/W_PTSCHUS_email.jpg                               
More photos are available for viewing here


The Development Authority / Main Street Program provides resources, offers assistance and incentives for entrepreneurs in keeping with identified needs and heritage of our town.  

A variety of information is readily available and workshops are hosted throughout the year for interested parties to gain knowledge about resources available to have a successful business.  Following is a list of business resources, financing opportunities and incentives for businesses owners and / or property owners.  A brochure detailing financial opportunities is available to download here.  The Business Resource Guide is available to download here.  Please call a member of the Business Assistance Committee or the Executive Director DA / MS for more information.

Downtown Revolving Loan Fund:  A low-interest loan program available through Georgia Cities Foundation and / or Department of Community Affairs to assist property owners in collaboration with a Development Authority to help with identified revitalization and enhancement projects  

Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC):  SBAC offers a variety of loan programs for new and existing businesses in the service delivery area.

Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC):  SBDC offers a range of services, including consulting, continuing education, applied research, minority business, international trade, commercialization, and client stories. 

Federal Income Tax Credit Program: A federal income tax credit equal to 20% of rehabilitation expenses that is available ONLY for income-producing properties.

One Georgia

Employee Incentive Program

Homesafe Georgia can help provide "bridge" mortgage assistance to many in Georgia who are unemployed or have had a dramatic decrease in HH income due to national economic conditions. 


Are you interested in opening a business or expand an existing business on Tybee?  We are here to help!  

General population and demographic information about potential clients on Tybee Island (i.e. your neighborly customers throughout the year) is available through the 2010 census information here Please call 912-472-5071 with questions.

Research findings from a Market Study (Phase II) done in 2011 with GA Tech yielded a helpful profile summary of overnight guests for merchants to access as they plan marketing strategies.  Click here for the summary report.   

Here is a snapshot of business categories serving Tybee Island as of January 2015:
Are you interested in opening and operating a successful business such as a kitchen, furniture, office, or pet supply store on this one-of-a-kind barrier island year-round?  If so, please call 912.472.5071 for more information.  

Following is a list of available commercial locations as of April 2015:
(Information is as provided and is not guaranteed.)

Commercial Vacancies for Sale or Lease:



 Sq ft (approx.)



5 Silver Avenue



Solomon Properties


104 Tybrisa



Savannah Trust Realty 


1604 Butler Avenue




1601 Inlet Avenue

1961 est.


Solomon Properties


17 15th Street

1940 est.

1383 (previously an antique shop / apt. with off street parking)

Solomon Properties


0 5th Ave. (@ Hwy 80)



Solomon Properties


406 First St.


186 (office space upstairs)

Brian Malins


401 First Street


4500 (two stories available as a pair or individually)



10 Jones Avenue



Solomon Properties 


1002 Highway 80



Solomon Properties


1010 E. Highway 80, Suite 5



Amy Gaster 


1204 E. Hwy 80



Coldwell Banker Platinum




We have a fun time here on Tybee Island. 

The City's Development Authority / Main Street Program helps in coordinating events for and with the City of Tybee Island while uniting the local community with activities.  

Thanks to all of our community volunteers who come up with event concepts and work to implement them.  Together, we successfully highlight the arts, showcase community values, benefit our local businesses, and enhance the quality of life on the island. Throughout the year the Program hosts several events which include Third Thursdays on Tybee, Movies in the Park, Community Day, Lights on for Tybee, and the Tybee Island Christmas Parade - in conjunction with Tybee for the Holidays.
Please visit the city web calendar to find links to monthly events hosted by a variety of organizations.


Tybee Island is a community of collaboration.  Volunteers are tremendous partners that have a positive impact in our small town.  Click here to check out Community Partners that work to preserve Tybee's community, commerce and culture throughout the year.

Since 2010, when the city became a nationally recognized Better Hometown (now known as Main Street) Community, many achievements have been accomplished based on the expressed needs of the community.  Following is information about each of the 4-Point Approach(tm) that has provided a successful foundation for cities since 1977. 
Click here for an overview video about Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.  Committees work with the MS Board of Directors to make necessary improvements a reality. This structure minimizes confusion, avoids duplication and maintains good communication. Work plans set direction for committees and Board liaisons provide updates at the Board of Directors monthly meetings for review and approval as necessary. Committees typically meet once a month.
Each year, the Board of Directors host a public workshop to review the previous year's works completed and plan for the next year.  The 2014 - 2015 Work Plan can be viewed by clicking here.  Thank you to those that provided feedback, from which the work plans were developed during the 2014 Retreat!  
Click here for a video about design for Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.  Design Committee volunteers follow: Vicki Hammons, Committee Chair; Bob Ciucevich - Quatrefoil Consulting; Sue Bentley - Solomon Properties; Bill Garbett - City Council Liaison; Diane Schleicher- City Manager; Mark Boswell - Boswell Design; Jane Coslick - Commissioner, Historic Preservation
Click here for a video about economic restructuring (now known as B. A. C.) for  Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.  Business Assistance Committee (B. A. C.) volunteers follow: Ted Lynch, Committee Chair; Sue Bentley - Solomon Properties; Deana Harden - Prevail Realty; Monty Parks - City Council member
Click here for a video about how Main Street stays organized with partners.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.  Organization / Outreach Committee volunteers include the Main Street Board of Directors and a variety of partners.
Click here for a video about Promotions for Main Street.  The video was produced prior to the name change.  Information provided remains relevant.  Promotions Committee volunteers follow: Brenda Marion, Committee Chair; Michael Flores - TS Chu's Department Store; Karen Kelly - Resident; Billy Manucey - Resident; Steve Kellam - Director; Vicki Hammons - Director
If you would like to have a positive impact and work with one of the above committees,
please contact the Program's Exec. Director @ 472-5071 or click here.

Savannah-Tybee Beach Shuttle
The shuttle leaves for Tybee from the Savannah Visitors Center Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, and 5:00pm. The first stop on Tybee is at the Tybrisa / Strand Roundabout (approx. 30 - 40 minutes from Savannah departure) and then it stops at North Beach near the Tybee Island Lighthouse (approx. 15 minutes after the Roundabout stop).  
Cost is $5 / way / person.  Credit card payments are accepted for an additional $0.50 per one-way trip.
Click here for more information.  A map of the island can be found here.

October 15, 2015 - Third Thursdays on Tybee
Third Thursdays on Facebook
Event Location
The Shops at Tybee Oaks (1213 E. Highway 80)
Start Date
10/15/2015 05:30 PM
End Date
10/15/2015 07:00 PM
Showcasing artistic excellence on Tybee Island continues with the 2015 Fall Series of Third Thursdays on Tybee on
October 15 at 5:30pm at the lot at The Shops of Tybee Oaks (1213 E. Highway 80).   
Bring a chair, stroll the shops and enjoy a bite to eat while enjoying a complementary performance outdoors!
  In case of inclement weather, the performance will take place inside of Huc-a-Poos.
Sarah Tollerson will be highlighting her artistic talents!
Contact Name
C Morton
Contact Phone
Contact Email

Event Location
Downtown Tybee - Tybrisa / Strand
Start Date
12/04/2015 06:30 PM
End Date
12/04/2015 09:00 PM
Join in the annual holiday celebration the first Friday of December as the Mayor lights the Tybee Christmas Tree at the Tybrisa/ Strand Roundabout.
Then, as the moon glow lights the streets, TAPS performers will sing carols with you, businesses will be recognized for their outstanding decorations, and students with Gretchen Green School of Dance will dance until sleigh bells are heard.  
Enjoy the holiday lights and joy while you stroll, dine, shop and create memories downtown.
Complimentary refreshments will be available at participating locations. 
The Tybee for the Holidays website has all your information about the Holiday Season on Tybee.
Contact Name
Chantel Morton
Contact Phone
Contact Email

Event Location
Parade route/YMCA
Start Date
12/05/2015 01:00 PM
End Date
12/05/2015 03:30 PM
Everyone loves a parade especially during the holidays!
The parade begins at 1:00pm from the 14th Street parking lot (behind Hotel Tybee) and travels up
Tybrisa to Butler Avenue then to the Tybee Gym where children will have photo time with Santa!
The Tybee YMCA will have surprises for everyone to enjoy at the gym.
All are welcome to be in the parade! 
Parade applications (click here) are due by November 20. 
The Tybee for the Holidays website has all your information about the Holiday Season on Tybee.
Contact Name
Chantel Morton
Contact Phone
Contact Email

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