1. Bicycle Friendly Community

    The City formed a Bicycling Committee in 2009, whose 1st job, submitting an application to the League of American Bicyclists for recognition as a "Bicycle Friendly Community", was completed in January, 2010.

  2. Bicycle Friendly Efforts Presentation (PDF)

    In August, 2011, City Manager Diane Schleicher made a presentation at a Coastal Regional Commission meeting on Tybee's Bicycle Friendly efforts.

  3. Complete Streets Policy

    Tybee Island seeks to create streets that are safe to travel by even the most vulnerable in our community to include children, the elderly and people of all abilities. We want to encourage active transportation by making bicycling and walking the preferred methods of moving around the island.

  4. Bike Path Paved in Memorial Park

    The paving project on the Memorial Park bicycle path has been completed. Gravel-free, this pathway is now safer and more convenient to use on your bicycle.

  5. Georgia Bicycle Laws

    Find out how traffic laws apply to bicycles.

  6. Register Your Bicycle

    Tybee has long had a registration program, and the TIPD will soon provide difficult-to-remove stickers for registered bicycles which will serve as a further deterrent to theft.

  7. Safe Bicycling on Tybee Island (PDF)

    Read through a list of things to check before riding and rules of bicycle safety.