Emergency Management

The mission of the Tybee Island Emergency Management Agency is to protect lives and property from the threat of all types of major emergencies and disasters both natural and man-made. This shall be accomplished in coordination, conjunction and collaboration with the Community and all City Departments to maximize the City’s potential to prepare for, mitigate against, respond to and recover from an Emergency or Disaster.

Tybee's Hazard Mitigation Progress Reports

As part of the NFIP Community Rating System, Tybee Island works to improve plans, education, and all aspects of the rating criteria the better to respond in the event of a hurricane or weather-related emergency. The documentation for these efforts is contained at the following links:

  1. Day Five of Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Flood Safety

    Chatham residents can experience flash, river, & coastal flooding. Flooding is often the most deadly weather hazard. Most flood related deaths are caused by individuals who become trapped in their stalled vehicles while driving thru flood waters... Read on...
  2. Day Four of Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Lightning

    Individuals that survive lightning strikes have been known to develop lifelong physical and mental impacts from the 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit bolt passing through them. Even inside a building, lightning can still have an impact by traveling through... Read on...
  3. Day Three of Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Tornadoes

    Do you know what to do during a tornado? Take a few minutes today to read over some potentially life-saving tips! Most tornadoes last for a few minutes with winds under 100mph. Tornado peak season occurs in April, tho' they can happen in any warm weather. Read on...
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