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As part of the preparation for the upcoming beach renourishment efforts in 2015, the Army Corps of Engineers will be surveying the beach slope through August 1. The week of July 28 - August 1, they will have a boat coming as close to shore as possible and specifically have requested Beach Patrol and Ocean Rescue to monitor swimming/boarding around the boat area. This boat will have an outboard motor, so coming close to the vehicle will be dangerous! Please obey officer directions, and please stay well clear of the area near the survey effort! 

Mayor's Message

  Welcome to the City of Tybee Island’s public website. This site is intended to provide timely and accurate information to our citizens and other interested individuals. We have invested a lot of time and energy into the development of this site and are very proud of all that it has to offer.

One of the fundamental goals of government at every level is open and transparent governance. “Cityoftybee.org” affords the City the opportunity to make our municipal government even more accessible to its citizens. As always, if you cannot find an answer to your question or concern on-line, feel free to use the "Directory"  link to get in touch with someone at City Hall. And please be reminded that Mayor’s Night In takes place the second Tuesday of each month from 6 PM until 8 PM. Feel free to drop by and see me if you have some new ideas, a question, a complaint, or just want to stop by and chat. Thanks for visiting our new website!

Council Highlights

The City Council meeting agenda, minutes, and schedule of upcoming meetings can all be accessed from the navigation menu to the left. Move your cursor over the City Officials menu item, then as the choices pop up, move to City Council, and finally, select the items you'd like to view. You can also click the links below:

The Mayor and Council of Tybee Island are considering applicants for volunteer positions on committees and commissions as listed below. Click the associated link for more information about each position: 
  • Beach Task Force: Several openings on the BTF remain to be filled for the upcoming term. Anyone seeking an appointment on the Beach Task Force should contact the City Clerk for more information and to apply.
  • Community Resource Committee: To serve three year terms (qualifications are listed in the full notice - click here). Please submit your resume to the City Clerk's office at City Hall - appointments will continue by Council until vacancies are filled.

Announcing: Meeting Videos Available for Online Viewing
For those of you without Comcast to view Council Meetings live, we now have Council Meetings via Video-on-Demand. Council Meetings will be uploaded to http://cityoftybee.pegcentral.com. As the uploading process can take several hours, we plan on having each meeting available the morning following - sorry, no live streaming! Planning Commission meetings will also be uploaded there, as well as selected content from our cable access broadcast schedule. If you have a favorite program you'd like to see in the VOD library, please drop us an email at feedback@cityoftybee.org.

Island News


Want to know the latest conditions? Check out these surf and ocean links:


Water and Sewer Department is Working to Repair Odor Management System As Soon As Possible!
The many recent thunderstorms have caused quite a bit of damage at the water plant. While most of the damage has been repaired, the odor management system suffered extensive damage and remains offline. W&S personnel are well aware of the problem, and are working hard to make all repairs necessary on this system as quickly as possible. There are no direct health implications, and staff apologize for any unpleasantness during the outage!

Tybee South End Beach Advisory Still in Effect 
CHATHAM COUNTY, GA ­– Strand Beach at the Pier (from 11th Street to 18th Street) on Tybee Island has been placed under advisory by the Chatham County Health Department. The advisory is only for the area(s) specified above and does not impact any other beaches on the island. This beach water advisory is to alert the public of a possible risk of illness associated with water contact but does not mean the beach is closed.

The Chatham County Health Department recommends you do not swim or wade in the water in the area(s) under advisory. Fish and other seafood caught from this area should be thoroughly washed with fresh water and thoroughly cooked before eating as should fish or seafood caught from any waters. The area will be retested, and the advisory will be lifted when tests show the bacteria levels meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended standards.
(Map to the left is from http://coastalgadnr.org/node/2130.)
Review the Health Department's FAQ on beach water quality at "Beach Water Quality FAQs (PDF)"

Recycling and Waste Removal Information and Assistance
We request that you PLEASE use the online logging system if you have issues with WastePro service; the forms are very quick and easy to fill out, taking just a couple of minutes to complete. The online system keeps a log of all complaints and service requests, and this information is reviewed by the City to evaluate service and response. You may call the Utility Clerk at City Hall, 912.472.5025, but your complaint or request for service will be BETTER SERVED and served more quickly if you use the online links.
We do have a box in the lobby at City Hall for disposal of rechargeable batteries only. Regular alkaline batteries are now manufactured in such a way as to be acceptable in your regular trash bin. Please do not bring alkaline batteries or any other electronics to City Hall.
If you are having trouble with removal, like a missed pick-up, cans not replaced, or any other complaints, please continue online to make a complaint here.
If you would like to request a special pick-up for items that are not normally included, like large items, or bigger than allowed bundles of yard waste, please go online to request service here.
For a detailed list of acceptable recycled materials, hours at DPW for use of the large dumpsters, instructions for disposal of electronics and other waste, and much more, please visit the Sanitation Engineering Services section of the DPW page here. The above complaint and service request links are included there as well.

Water and Sewer Updates Project to Impact This Summer

July 22nd- Current status: 
  • The 8 inch Water Line is laid up to 11th Street. The Water line crew has dropped back to the first section that was chlorinated and tested to tie the residents into the new line, which will be from 17th Street to 14th Street. After they get this completed, they will continue on at 11th Street with laying the new 8 inch water main.

  • The 12 inch Sewer Force Main is completed from Jones Ave. on Solomon Ave. up to the point where they are going to Directional Drill under the Culvert on Solomon Ave, which will be 450 feet of 12 inch pipe pulled under the marsh. Polk Street will be Closed from Fort Street to Laurel Ave. all day Thursday July 24 so they can pull the pipe under the marsh down Solomon Ave. The new pipe will be crossing Polk Street until they get it laid down Solomon; it is all welded together to make one continues 450 foot run. It may not take all day as long as there is no problem.

The Water and Sewer Department has contracted with BRW Construction to replace water supply laterals on Jones and sewer force mains along Solomon and Van Horn. This work began May 5th and continues throughout the summer until the end of September. Street closures may occur during the day in the short sections of roadway where work is being performed; roads will be open to traffic in the evenings and on weekends. The approximate schedule of project milestones is indicated in the map on the left. To view a higher resolution, more-detailed version of the map, click anywhere on the map to the left and you'll be taken to a page with the high-resolution version.




Swimmers on the north end at beach areas facing the shipping channel should be cautious as large ships pass in the channel, because of the possibility of larger than normal wakes coming near shore! The waves in these wakes can be very powerful and act like miniature tsunamis, first pulling water away from the shore, then washing back, both directions with very strong force. We encourage swimming without float aids only in the presence of a lifeguard!

 The Beach is a Fun Place, But You Still Need to be Aware of Conditions!
The beach is a fun way to spend the day when the weather is warm. However, being safe at the beach depends on YOU! Be aware of your surroundings, of conditions in the water, of the commands of the lifeguards, and of the signs and flags put there to help protect you!
  • Warning flags give a quick look at current conditions in the water.
  • Venturing out on the sand bar south of Tybee toward Little Tybee is fraught with danger, both for you and for the rescue time that will come to get you! Please do not go out on the sand bar.
  • On the north end, the large ships passing through the Savannah River channel have significant wakes that are dangerous for small children and that will wash up on the shore to carry your belongings away! Please stay well back from the immediate water line when you set up on this beach.
  • Rip tides may occur on windy days with a lot of wave action. Watch for areas that look frothy or smoother than the nearby waters, as they may represent a rip. Remember, do not try to swim toward shore in a rip current, but swim parallel to the shore until you are free from the rip, then turn toward land.
  • Tybee beach cross-overs are tested for nearby water quality weekly; if problems are found, that area will be tested daily. Water quality signage is posted at each crossover! Please review these signs before you go over to the beach! 

Click one of the thumbnails below to view the full size picture.


Hurricane Season begins June 1st and officially ends November 30th. Hurricane preparedness is key to survival and orderly management under emergency conditions. Your advanced preparation can help you and your neighbors through a hurricane. Before any storm arrives, be sure to check out Tybee's Emergency Management Information, and keep handy the number for the CEMA Information Line, (912) 201-4500; CEMA also has a joint weather hotline with WTOC at (912) 644-8811. Note that the City's web-site is hosted elsewhere in the country so that, even if a potential disaster strikes here, the web will remain available for communications, and this web site will provide information updates whenever they become available. Emergency and evacuation instructions will be given as needed here and on the local cable access Channel 7 on Comcast.
CEMA and the City have voice warning sirens that announce emergencies as they arise, so there will be no confusion as to what a siren signal actually means. Instead of one centrally located siren, there are four announcement systems distributed on the Island. (See diagram.) This system is tested near noon on the first Wednesday each month. (This test will be foregone if severe weather conditions occur at the time of the test.)
If you are warned to seek shelter in an emergency, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CURRENT SHELTER, such as your home or room - the safe site locations shown in the picture - Battery Brumby, the Tybee Gym, and the Ocean Plaza meeting rooms - are safe sites intended for beach goers and visitors without any other place of refuge. In the event of an evacuation order, you would only then be expected to leave your home and depart the island!
If you have not yet registered for the Citizen Alert notifications, now is a great time to do so! You will be notified of emergencies, as well as less urgent events if you so request. Click the icon to go to the registration page.

Flooding, Flood Insurance, Flood-related Building Requirements, and Emergency Planning for Tybee Homeowners
Tybee's Emergency Management Coordinator, along with the rest of the City team, strives to keep everyone informed of all the necessary information to be prepared for a flood or storm-surge on the island as well as requirements related to the purchase of flood insurance, permitting for flood-defensive construction, and emergency planning for residents and businesses on the island. There are many different resources that address the several possible types of flooding, of flood preparation, disaster mitigation, and insurance options, which means each home and business owner must review these various resources to determine what kinds of issues and mitigation plans may affect them. Please review the following documents and web sites for more information on these subjects:

If you have questions or suggestions to make this information more readily available and understandable, please let us know your ideas by dropping us an email at feedback@cityoftybee.org, or stop by the TEMA or City Hall offices.

Lights Out for Turtles
Nesting season runs May 1 - Oct 31
2014 Nest Count for
Tybee & Little Tybee
2014 Hatched

14 & 1


You can find a map showing the location of current nests at seaturtle.org's Sea Turtle Nest Monitoring System, and you can track some of the turtles found injured, nursed to health and released by Georgia's Sea Turtle Center on their satellite tracking page. Visit the Sea Turtle Project Facebook page for most recent updates.
Tybee is a nesting area for two endangered turtle species and one "unusual" species. Loggerhead and leatherback turtles are endangered and like to nest in the sand found along the beaches of Tybee and Little Tybee Islands. Diamondback terrapins  are on the protected species list; their nesting areas are on the north end and cause them to try to cross Route 80. While Tybee used to see hundreds of sea turtle nests each year, an excellent year now may see no more than a dozen. Disturbing the nests or harassing any of these species is against the law! Their nests are marked when found to stop people from accidentally trampling eggs or hatchlings. Please keep clear! Hatchlings will head to bright light when they dig out from the sand, which should be toward the sun or moon rising over the ocean. However, street, deck, and home lights may be bright enough to attract them in the wrong direction. During nesting season nights, please turn off or shield lights that might be seen from the beach, and avoid flashlights or flash photography on the beach. Your discarded plastic bags, soda can rings, and cigarette butts, as well as other trash not properly disposed of, can harm turtles and other wildlife - please clean up all your items and trash from the beach! Trash containers are located at every dune crossover for your use. Please drive carefully on the north end to avoid harming any turtles that may be crossing the road.

Doing Business with the City

To apply to be on the City's approved vendor list, please download, complete and return the Vendor Application Form. Any currently open RFPs will be displayed below.

The City of Tybee Island has the following RFPs out for bid. Click the RFP number to access each request, or click here to see them all:


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